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The main objective of the Expert House is to promote sustainable agricultural development in the Arab region in the area of plant protection
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The Arab Society for Plant Protection (ASPP) is a non-profit professional and scholarly organization of scientists from both public and private academic institutions, as well as industry representing a great variety of scientists who are involved in the field of plant protection in the Arab World and abroad. The society promotes research, education, and extension activities related to pests, provides science-based information to the public and private sectors and fosters awareness of pests and their impacts on arable and natural ecosystems. The ASPP is affiliated to the International Association for the Plant Protection Sciences (IAPPS), International Society for Plant Pathology (ISPP) and the Mediterranean Phytopathological Union (MPU).

Program of the 12th Arab Congress of
Plant Protection  -  ACPP 2017
5 - 9 November, 2017 Hurghada - EGYPT

(Click here to visit the Congres official website)

Share your BEST PESTS with us

As you can see, the homepage of our website includes a picture that reflects a pest (insect, fungus, virus, bacterium, nematode, weed) and the damage or symptoms observed on the crop. Pictures should be original, taken by you and reflecting important features of the pest that has significance in agricultural production in your region. The images should be accompanied with a short description indicating the pest name, the crop it invades, the location where it was found and the main symptoms it causes.

Faba bean necrotic yellows virus (FBNYV, genus Nanovirus, family Nanoviridae) Faba bean necrotic yellows virus (FBNYV, genus Nanovirus, family Nanoviridae)

If you are interested to share such images, send it now to our Email:

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