Arabization of Terms

Dictionary of Scientific Terms in Plant Protection
(English: Arabic - Arabic: English)

The Arab Society for Plant Protection, in an effort to unify Arabic scientific terms in plant protection issued recently the "Dictionary of Scientific Terms in Plant Protection". This volume includes around 10,000 scientific terms, where the user can seek the translation he needs starting with either the Arabic or the English term. This is an effort of six years of voluntary hard work by a large number of dedicated scientists organized in a number of specialized committees (Nematology, Entomology, Mycology, Virology, Pesticides and Weed Science) that worked together to do the translation, and more importantly to agree on a unified Arabic translation for each term. This what makes this dictionary different from the already existing ones prepared by either individuals or few authors. This effort was culminated in a meeting held in October, 2003, where around 50 scientists from eight Arab countries met in a two days workshop hosted by Omar El-Mokhtar University, El-Beida, Libya, to discuss and finalize this work. This dictionary was Prepared and Published by Arab Society for Plant Protection; and Printed and Distributed by Dar Innahda Al-Arabiya, Beirut, Lebanon. 770 pages, 18x25 cm, hard cover. Price 15 US$.

Chairman of the Arabization Committee

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This dictionary can be ordered from: Dar Innahda Al-Arabiya, P.O. Box 11-0749, Beirut, Lebanon, E-mail [email protected]; Fax: +961-1-735295/736071

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