Sunn Pest Management: A Decade of Progress 1994-2004

Sunn Pest Management: A Decade of Progress 1994-2004

Edited By:

Bruce Parker and Margaret Skinner

University of Vermont, USA

Moustapha El-Bouhssini and Safaa Kumari

ICARDA, Aleppo, Syria

Sunn Pest is a serious pest of wheat that can induce losses which can reach 90-100% when insect populations are high. This pest is found from North Africa through West Asia and countries of the former Soviet Union, and east to Pakistan. This book represents of proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Sunn Pest, held at the International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA), Aleppo, Syria, during July 2004. The book contains 54 papers on a range of subjects, all of which directly contribute to a clear understating of Sunn Pest integrated management. 430 pages, hard Cover.
Copies can be obtained from ICARDA, P.O. Box 5466, Aleppo, Syria.

This book published by the Arab Society of Plant Protection (ASPP), 2007
Book Number :ISBN 978-9953-0-1063-2